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Nr 1(1) (2020): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Sprawa niemieckich odszkodowań wojennych w polityce obozu Zjednoczonej Prawicy

kwietnia 8, 2021


The case of German war damages has resounded very loudly in the Polish political discourse in recent years. This matter is undoubtedly important because the losses that suffered Poland during World War II are one of the largest among the countries affected by this conflict. The agreement directly regulating
post-war issues, concluded on the basis of the arrangements resulting from the Potsdam Conference, placed the Polish state in a difcult position, making it almost impossible to compensate for the damage caused by the German aggressor. For many years, the German side, referring to the aforementioned agreement and the declarations of the Polish communist authorities, did not feel responsible for the actions of the Third Reich towards the Polish state. The situation changed after the United Right camp took power in Poland and decided to revise the previous arrangements. This article is the result of the author’s thesis „The Policy of the United Right Camp on German War Compensation”. The article is a compendium of the research I have collected, which are described in an extended and more detailed way in the above-mentioned BA thesis.