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Nr 2(2) (2020): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Demografia a bezpieczeństwo narodowe Polski w XXI wieku

kwietnia 1, 2021


Demographic changes are one of most important elements that have influence on functioning states on many levels. Changes in numbers and structure of population have specific effects – social and economic, but most importantly at security of state. In Poland situation is special, because over the 20 years can be observed very unfavorable changes in population, which in long term perspective can lead to reducing the defense potential. The purpose of the article is to analyze demographic changes in Poland between 2001-2020 years in terms of their importance for national security. Used time period was selected due to changes that began in the 21st century. In the research process the following methods and techniques were used: analysis and criticism of literature and other sources, statistical analysis. Layout of the article shows the course of the research process. At the beginning demography and national security definitions aspects were analyzed. Next, observed demographic changes between 2001 and 2020 were described. Later, impact of identified changes at national security were analyzed. The article ends with a summary and indication of the key conclusions.