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Nr 4(4) (2020): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Dyplomacja miast w świetle stref „wolnych od LGBT”

marca 18, 2021


In 2019, the President of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski signed a declaration in favor of respect for LGBT+ rights. This symbolic document has exacerbated the discriminatory policy of the ruling party in Poland. Equality measures began to be equated with the promotion of “foreign ideology”. Some Polish municipalities decided to introduce “anti-LGBT resolutions”; in many provinces so-called “LGBT free zones” were created. These actions by the authorities have not only caused numerous protests and outrage within the Polish society, but also the reaction of newspapers and foreign authorities. Numerous Belgian, Irish, German, French and Dutch cities have broken cooperation with Polish municipalities introducing “LGBT-free zones”. The Article below aims to approximate the phenomenon of sub-national diplomacy using the example of town-twinning with municipalities which have been recognized as “LGBT free” zones by the resolution of local authorities. To accomplish this press articles on “LGBT free zones”, maps, expert opinions and literature on diplomacy were analyzed.