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Nr 4(16) (2023): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Teatralne gry fabularne w nauczaniu szkolnym w Polsce: wprowadzenie do zagadnienia

March 30, 2024


The following text is an attempt to point out the advisability of using LARPs as at leasta supplementary teaching method in school teaching. It introduces LARP’s specificity among other types of games, as well as other techniques used in contemporary education. In the next part, the author concentrates on pointing out the educational potential of LARP in teaching history at the secondary school level and analyzing key competences for teaching history as shown at tiers III and IV o fPolska Rama Kwalifikacji. This content analysis is the ground work for establishing conclusions regarding the possibilities and limitations of using LARP as a tool for history education in secondary schooling. While presenting a rather narrow practical overview of the didactic environment of using LARP for teaching history, the presented article mainly serves the purpose of introducing LARP to the audience of researchers of contemporary cultural artifacts used in formal education. It is the author’s intention for the article to commence a series of texts dedicated to this segment of educational games, still little studied
in the Polish realities.