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Nr 2(10) (2022): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Miny lądowe, zmiana klimatu i normy. Jakie są ograniczenia „cyklu życia norm” M. Finnemore i K. Sikkink?

September 9, 2022


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate limitations of “life cycle of norms” concept proposed by M. Finnemore and K. Sikkink in their paper “International Norm Dynamics and Political Change.” using example of UN climate change policy (mostly UNFCCC) as a case study. Through analysis of UN documents on climate change and climate protection and its comparison to actions and statements taken by states, this paper argues that there is major difference between the internalization of norms – by meaning
proposed by Finnemore and Sikkink – and actual implementation of norms. By the example of proposed case study, this paper proves that Finnemore and Sikkink’s “life cycle of norms” concept has limitations which may be described as too general and too optimistic approach to the perception of stage 2 (“norm cascade”) and stage 3 (“internalization”) of cycle.